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RockTape Kinesiology Tape Can Help Everyone

The use of RockTape kinesiology tape can help deliver the right amount of relief to the affected area for athletes, active adults or individuals bothered with joint or muscle pain. 

When gentle pressure is applied, rock tape can help interrupt pain and allows it to dissipate naturally.

Reduce Pain

When applied, rock tape helps remove any build up of irritants and allows for oxygenated blood to flow freely. It also increases the movement of lymphatic fluids with the increase in circulation.

Improved Circulation

With proper circulation, the body is able to carry proper healing properties where they need to go and flush any toxins or build up from the body decreasing the inflamed area.

Decreased Inflammation

Benefits of Rock Tape for Athletes and More

Pain and inflammation are the top issues when your body is injured. This pain can limit your ability to increase circulation. Rock tape can help with soft tissue injuries and help you rehab back to an enhancing performance.

Kinesiology Tape Chiropractic Benefits

What is Kinesiology Tape and How Does Kinesiology Tape Work?

During a chiropractic visit, we’ll evaluate your concerns and address your pain. We’ll start a routine that consists of chiropractic adjustments and maintenance. Sometimes Kinesiology Tape is a part of our maintenance routines.


Kinesiology tape can be very stretchy and mimics the skin's elasticity so that you can use all of your range of motion. It’s used by physical therapists and chiropractors to help your body heal.


Kinesiology tape is water-resistant because it uses a medical-grade adhesive. It can hold the tape in place for up to five days. Kinesiology tape is so strong it will not come off when you shower or do exercise.


Kinesiology tape and other athletic tapes can cause some discomfort when you apply the tape to the skin. This allows the tape's ability to gently lift your skin. This gentle lifting of the skin is what the kinesiology tape uses to create a microscopic space between tissues in your body and your skin.

If you’re dealing with pain and seeking help from a chiropractor for physical therapy, ask them to explain their kinesio taping method and the effectiveness of kinesio taping.

What Is RockTape?

RockTape is a kinesio tape brand with fabric made of natural-hybrid materials and it can stretch one way. The skin is lifted away from the soft tissues beneath, creating a biomechanical lifting mechanism. As a result, the injured area receives more blood and oxygen, thus speeding up the healing process. 


The fabric is composed of cotton and nylon. No drugs are used in its manufacturing and the adhesive is latex free. It is hypoallergenic and acrylic-based. The skin is lifted by applying pressure over stretched muscles. 


This increases blood flow so that muscles receive more oxygen.This increases blood flow so that muscles receive more oxygen.


By stimulating lymph drainage, RockTape can also remove toxins. Through both this and athletic physical therapy, we can help athletes perform better. It allows them to work longer and harder. You can apply RockTape to difficult-to-reach parts of the body with ease.

What’s the Difference Between Kinesiology Tape And RockTape?

Kinesiology tape is a type of technology within the tape that makes it durable and water-resistant which makes it ideal for athletes or wearing out. RockTape itself is a brand just like Kleenex is to tissues or Band-Aid is to small applicable bandages.

You can wear RockTape as often as needed but its strength from its materials can last up to around 5 days. Discontinue tape application if you find that you feel pain relief when no longer wearing the therapeutic tape.

How Often Can You Wear Kinesiology RockTape?

For rocktape removal, warm water can be used to soak the area for between 10 and 20 minutes. After the tape has softened slightly, gently peel it from one side to the other. To remove any tape remnants, you can use an oil-based moisturizer.


It’s important to remember that any type of kinesiology tape should be applied only to clean, dry skin for good adhesion.


Consult a dermatologist immediately if you feel any redness or itching after applying rocktape.

How To Remove RockTape?

You can use rocktape in a number of ways to treat sciatica.
Wrap the tape around the sciatic nerve. This will provide support for the nerve and help relieve pressure. Rocktape can be applied directly to the nerve.

Rocktape is a great option for pain management and inflammation reduction. You can also lift your thigh into a 90 degree angle using the tape. This can reduce disc compression and relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve.

How To Apply RockTape For Sciatica?

Athletes and people who are active often experience forceful impacts. Repetitive motions and overuse are typically what leads to injury and injury can happen at any time. With kinesiology tape, we can help to reduce strain from injuries or accidents. 

What You Need to Know

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