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How Safe Is Chiropractic Care For Kids?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

What parents need to know about kids and chiropractic care

Parents are most likely to ask why children would need chiropractic care. Some people believe that only adults suffering from neck pain or back pain should see a chiropractor. But parents should also consider this natural, safe form of healthcare for their kids.

The birth process is often the time that causes the first spinal misalignment. This is called a "subluxation". Spinal misalignments can be caused by forceps during delivery, vacuum extraction and even from a C-section delivery.

Even in supposedly natural birthing methods, twisting and pulling on a baby's spine can cause damage to their nervous system. Each child must be examined right after birth. That’s because permanent damage can occur within 2 weeks and accumulate over time.

Regular chiropractic visits are important

Spinal misalignments can cause pain or other symptoms. Sometimes, pain is the first symptom that appears. But by then, the damage may already have been done. Sometimes childhood complaints can be dismissed as "growing pains", when in fact there may be a deeper cause.

Subluxations can only be checked by a chiropractor, so it is important to have a wellness exam to identify any problems early.

What else can a spinal subluxation cause?

A spinal subluxation can cause colic, asthma, ear infections, bedwetting, allergies, ADD, ADHD, headaches, and many other symptoms.

Beyond these symptoms, spinal subluxations can affect your child's normal development, immune system, strength, mental health, and nervous system. The brain and nervous system will regulate hormonal changes as they become teenagers.

To avoid future health problems, it will be crucial to keep this system free from interference. Any interference to the nervous system's ability to coordinate all activities of a child's body can lead to a variety of health problems.

Chiropractic adjustments restore nervous system function and allow the body to do what it was meant to. Chiropractic does not treat diseases or conditions. Chiropractic doctors can check your child's spine to determine if there are any misalignments that could affect their overall health. Chiropractic is all-natural, safe healthcare.

Chiropractic does not use drugs or surgery. This means that side effects can be avoided.

What kind of benefits are there for chiropractic care for children?

  • It can help with improving sleep

  • Improving behavior and attitudes

  • Enhanced immune system function

  • Secondary bedwetting incidents are rarer

  • Fewer ear infections

These are just to name a few. If you’re unsure if chiropractic care is right for you, we recommend you always speak with your child’s pediatrician. It’s important to make sure that you and your child’s doctor are on the same page when it comes to their care plan.



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