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Spinal Decompression for Sciatica

Written By Mattia Spinal Care & Rehab Center, P.A. on February 24, 2020

Sciatica Treatment for Spinal DecompressionLower back and hip pain are some of the most common reasons why patients visit a Doctor of Chiropractic. With more and more individuals seeking out alternative options for back and sciatica treatment, it’s no surprise that spinal decompression is quickly gaining favor amongst the public.  

With nearly 80% of adults experiencing chronic lower back pain and another 40% of adults suffering from sciatica, more patients are looking to avoid the use of potentially dangerous painkillers, such as opioids. Chiropractic care provides individuals with several alternative treatment methods to help relieve the pain associated with lower back pain and sciatica, and treatment options will vary depending on each case.  

Battling Sciatica: Treatment Options Vary

Chronic conditions cause patients a lot of frustration because typical treatment options include taking over the counter pain medications. While these medications help to mask the symptoms of sciatica, they do not address the problem at its source. 

Before you can treat sciatica, you must first know what the condition is so you can give your chiropractor a clue of where to start when devising your sciatica treatment plan. 

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is best described as pain, tingling, or numbness that radiates from the lower back through the buttocks and down through at least one leg. The pain travels this path because it is a pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve, which can go down either leg. 

While sciatica pain can be the result of a hip or leg condition, it is most typically the result of a lower back or disc problem, such as a herniated disc. 

When Should I Seek Sciatica Treatment?

While sciatica pain can come and go depending on varying conditions, if you’re noticing chronic pain, you should consider seeking out sciatica treatment from your chiropractor. 

One of the most common treatments will include spinal decompression therapy. This sciatica treatment will help to stretch and relax the muscles around the spine, helping to properly align the body and taking pressure off root nerves that typically cause the pain associated with sciatica. 

Sciatica Treatment at Mattia Spinal Care & Rehab Center 

Chronic pain is something you shouldn’t have to live with. If you are seeking out sciatica treatment options, then the team at Mattia Spinal Care & Rehab Center is here to help. 

Schedule a consultation today or call our office at (407) 909-4788.

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