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Is Cold Laser Therapy Good for Arthritis?

Written By Mattia Spinal Care & Rehab Center, P.A. on March 26, 2020

Is Cold Laser Therapy Good for Arthritis?Arthritis is often mistaken as a common ailment expected in old age. However, this painful condition affects millions of people each year, and age only plays a small role in who is diagnosed with it. While many individuals turn to over the counter pain medications as a part of their arthritis treatment, it only masks the symptoms. To find true relief from arthritis, patients need to seek out alternative treatment options, including cold laser therapy. 

How does Cold Laser Therapy Treat Pain?

In the United States, nearly 23% of all adults suffer from arthritis pain – that’s nearly 54 million people in total. When a patient turns to their Primary Care Provider for pain relief treatment options, many of them are prescribed NSAIDs or opioids. While these arthritis treatment options are effective in decreasing arthritis pain, they do not treat the source of the pain – they only mask the symptoms. 

With more patients looking for alternative arthritis treatment options that do more than mask the pain, many are finding that chiropractic care can help in more ways than initially thought. In fact, thanks to practices such as spinal manipulation, passive stretching, and other chiropractic treatments, studies have shown that patients suffering from limited mobilization due to arthritis can regain some of their movement with continued treatment. 

Is Cold Laser Therapy A Viable Arthritis Treatment Option?

While chiropractic care typically includes the physical manipulation of the body, cold laser therapy is quickly becoming a favored option for those seeking out arthritis treatment. Cold laser therapy, such as K Laser Therapy, is a non-invasive option that has shown to stimulate healing on a cellular level. 

K Laser Therapy has shown remarkable benefits in patients who suffer from chronic pain. In fact, many patients with chronic pain have reported a 60% reduction in symptoms, while those with acute pain have reported a 70% reduction. 

K Laser Therapy with Mattia Spinal Care & Rehab Center

Cold laser therapy is an outstanding option for those seeking out an alternative arthritis treatment method that does more than mask pain symptoms. At Mattia Spinal Care & Rehab Center, our team of professionals has several decades of experience in not only identifying the source of patient’s pain but in treating them for long-term wellness. 

If you’re finally ready to take a more active approach to your arthritis treatment, then consider scheduling a consultation with our skilled doctors to get your questions on cold laser therapy answered. You can also give our office a call at (407)909-4788.

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